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Your charter school has just been granted authorization, and you're thrilled to embark on this journey of education excellence! But as any new endeavor, the road ahead can seem daunting without the right guidance and support.

We understand the challenges and risks a charter school committee or organization faces when considering construction development. Perhaps the largest challenge is the reality that you need to do more with less.

Our method allows our clients to realize the following benefits:
  • Expertise based on a history of successful projects
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Cost-predictability
  • Single point of responsibility
  • We are able to bring the financing to the project if you desire.
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Financing Options

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Organizations in the process of finding financing for a charter school face several challenges, including limited funding, start-up costs, facility acquisition, competition for funding, regulatory compliance, and financial sustainability. We can help with the careful planning and strategizing to prepare you to overcome these challenges and establish successful charter schools.

Additionally, with our full service development service you don't need to risk the development capital of your organization. Our method of finance, design and construction allows us to orchestrate and execute real estate development without your organization being required to risk capital investment.


We have financed and built over 2 million plus square feet of educational and commercial space. Always with the long-term in mind. The experienced staff at Hubrich Contracting has spent years applying this methodology to meet our clients needs. Now more than ever we encourage our prospective clients to thoroughly research and analyze the background and portfolios of developers to ensure that front-end promises will result in successfully completed deliverables.