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In an interview with the Florida Charter School Alliance organization, Hubrich Contracting shared their experience in building charter schools.

Our Business Director Ashley Cary had an in-depth interview in which she discussed our methodology and partnership when working with charter school clients.

A few of the points covered were:

  • Building successful charter schools requires a construction company with a proven track record of success.
  • Hubrich Contracting has extensive experience in preventing delays by conducting thorough research on project site requirements, including zoning, permits, and regulations.
  • Hubrich Contracting has the ability to back a charter school project financially, providing peace of mind for clients who may be concerned about funding issues.
  • Hubrich Contracting is committed to providing world-class customer service, including a full-service development system and daily and weekly communication on project progress.
  • Hubrich Contracting designs and builds high-quality facilities that anticipate school expansion, allowing schools to grow without the need for costly renovations or additions.
  • By partnering with a construction company like Hubrich Contracting, charter schools can be built to the highest standards, providing students with a safe and inspiring learning environment for years to come.